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Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal

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Lionsgate Adapting Nick Bilton’s "Hatching Twitter"
December 19th, 2013
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The dramatic story of how Twitter came to be may be arriving on your small screen soon.

Lionsgate announced that it has optioned the rights to Nick Bilton’s “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal.” Allison Shearmur will exec produce the TV project, with New York Times columnist and reporter Bilton serving as scribe and producer.

Lionsgate eyes Twitter series
December 18th, 2013 : Richard Middleton©C21Media

Lionsgate Television Group is developing a new drama based on a Nick Bilton book that explores the history of social networking site Twitter.

Bilton’s book Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal traces the roots of the company and follows how it rose to prominence around the world.

The project is being exec produced by Allison Shearmur (Hunger Games) while Bilton will produce and write the script.

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Hatching Twitter - Is It Worth A Read?

Febuary 04th, 2014 : Arnut Juthamahachock

Although 140 characters don’t sound much, Twitter has still been able to show the world how its intense, short life is more than enough to aid a revolution, offer help after a disaster or even ruin a reputation. According to critics, Twitter tends to focus on false praise, and enables people to feel politically involved when they don’t want to get up from their couches.

Unfortunately, critics only focus on narcissism and irresponsibility, while ignoring the fact that Twitter has quickly become one of the most successful social platforms in the world. Nick Bilton’s Hatching Twitter tries to establish that dissension and uncertainty lay the foundation for Twitter’s true purpose.

A Brief Description of the Book

Twitter has been one of the most perfect start-up success stories. In just over 6 years, a small group of ambitious, young programmers in Silicon Valley have been able to build a powerful $11.5 million business from scratch. It was built from the ashes of an unsuccessful podcasting company. Currently, Twitter is proud of over 200 million active users. In recent years, it has influenced politics, business, media and many other fields in society.

Nick Bilton, from the New York Times has penned down Hatching Twitter to take readers behind the scenes with a very profound narrative showing everything that happens inside Twitter as it continues to grow at rapid speeds. The book is a tale of high-stakes power struggles and betrayed friendships as the founders of the company (Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey) went from regular engineers to 'super’ wealthy celebrities, feature on Oprah, magazine covers, Time’s list of Most Influential People in the World and The Daily Show.

Strong Points of the Book

Nick Bilton’s exceptional investigative reporting and exclusive access gave him a direct link to numerous documents, sources, emails and other information to write this book. Thus, he has been able to write a perfect portrait of influence, power and fame. He has also focused on the global influence of the company, which has helped the public overthrow Governments in the Middle East, while changing the way people communicate with each other.

Nick Bilton has been able to tell the story in an interesting way. It is definitely a captivating read. The book gives a surreal feel when you read about friends and co-workers struggling to co-exist in a competitive, changing world. Reading this book is like watching a well researched, written and directed documentary about work, relationships and friendships.

With profound research and exceptional journalistic abilities, Nick Bilton has been able to write a narrative which gives an inside look at one of the biggest corporations in the world. The book is a simple read, and offers a lot more than you expect before starting. It is a detailed account of how everything worked for four friends, and their instant rise to fame with the creation of this massive social networking platform.

Weak Point

Some readers think that Nick Bilton should have discussed the technical aspects and models of the company a bit more. He should have also talked about where the prominent idea came from and how everything was put together. Instead, Hatching Twitter focuses more on people’s lifestyles, clothing, being broke and other such aspects.

For some people, it would have been better to read how Twitter tried to take on the world while changing the system for communications, and how the company focused on shifting from desktop to mobile. Some readers expected a better understanding of how everything works at a multi-million dollar company.

Another problem is the chronological order in the book. Some things have not been told as they actually happened. However, this is not a major concern because Hatching Twitter is mostly about telling the basic story of Twitter’s creation.


While some readers are not satisfied, most of them have appreciated and praised this inside look at the company’s creation. In case you’re looking for a deep and thoughtful explanation about Twitter as a global revolutionary communications platform, you should keep looking.

However, if you want to read a well written, quick, properly researched human drama, this story about four dysfunctional friends and their brilliant partnership will be a perfect choice. Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton will definitely rise up to your expectations.

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Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal

“Bilton tells the story with verve.”
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“Fast-paced and perceptive.”
– The New York Times Book Review

“Exhaustively researched...extensively detailed...unexpectedly addictive.”
– The Wall Street Journal

“#Backstabbing, power struggles and profanity laid bare”– “It is breathless storytelling”
– The New York Times

“Deeply reported and deliciously written.”
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“A compelling read, more like espionage than a corporate history.”
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“Goes where no book has gone before.”
– The Huffington Post

– The Wall Street Journal

“A fast-paced read, chock-full of details.”
– New York Magazine

“Nick Bilton’s impressively detailed fly-on-the-wall exposé of the micro-blogging site’s birth and evolution evokes all the titillating elements of a soap opera.”
– Success Magazine